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Foxwood Diesel are a distributor in Cummins spares and engine parts, supplying a vast range of genuine and non-genuine Cummins spare parts throughout the UK.

We hold large quantities of diesel engine spares and can supply the majority of Cummins engine parts that you require.

We also stock large numbers of reconditioned components from a number of manufacturers for most bus and truck engines, in addition to genuine and non-genuine Cummins spare parts.

In addition, we provide a unique service backed by the skills and expertise of over 50 years of cumulative experience within the industry, reconditioning all makes of truck and PSV engines and giving them a second lease of life in our well equipped and modern Chesterfield workshop.

In our web shop, you will find parts from Cummins and other manufacturers, together with non-genuine parts for most leading engine manufacturers. We also stock a wide range of tool kits for your vehicle, with engine consumables for petrol and diesel engines.

You can also find parts which we have reconditioned here at Foxwood Diesel, such as cylinder heads and crankshafts.