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Reconditioned Cummins Air Compressor 

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What is an air compressor and how does it work? 

Any vehicle's air conditioning system is driven by an air compressor, as it is responsible for delivering and circulating the pressurised refrigerant vapour. Once an air compressor is damaged, it's normally easier to fully replace the system. Essentially air compressors convert power through a diesel engine into compressed air, they are powered by a drive belt which connects to the crankshaft of the engine. When the AC system is turned on the compressor uses high pressure to pump the refrigerated vapour to the condenser. 

What are the signs of a damaged air compressor? 

  • The air pressure may be significantly reduced or the temperature different to usual. 
  • The clutch may not be working properly including seizing or not working which means the compressor isn't getting enough engine power.

For more details, please call 01246 260199. Our experts are always on hand to help and answer any technical questions you may have concerning air compressors. 

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