We are commercial vehicle diesel engine reconditioning and engine rebuild specialists

Established in May 1988, Foxwood Diesel has been a cornerstone of the diesel engine industry for over 30 years, and an industry leader in the construction and repair of commercial diesel engines. Located in the heart of Old Whittington, UK, our central location ensures accessibility of services to both local and national clients.

Foxwood Diesel specialises in commercial Cummins and Mercedes diesel engines in the bus industry. Our fully-equipped machine shop can expertly handle almost all engine components as well as the distribution of new and reconditioned parts, including genuine Cummins parts for most bus and truck engines. We take pride in our reputation for quality reconditioning and engine rebuilds, boasting one of the best-equipped workshops in the local area. In addition to our expertise in reconditioned diesel engines, our engine machine centre provides a number of specialist services with the machining capabilities to recondition almost all engine components for any make and model of vehicle. 

With a large supplier catalogue we can source almost all diesel engine parts for any make and model of engine at competitive prices. We also supply genuine and aftermarket parts, consumables, and new and replacement engine components for Mercedes, Volvo, DAF, Cummins, and all the major diesel vehicle manufacturers. We also hold large quantities of diesel engine spare parts and stock a wide range of reconditioned parts for most bus and truck engines, as well as tool kits for your vehicle and diesel engine consumables.

History of Foxwood Diesel

Our dedicated team boasts more than 70 years of experience within the industry, reconditioning all makes of truck and PSV engine components and giving them a second lease of life at our own workshop. 

In April 2021, we faced a challenging transition following the passing of former FER president and managing director, Kenneth Worsdale. However, under the leadership of his daughters, Nikki and Leigh Worsdale, Foxwood Diesel has embarked on a new journey, specialising in remanufactured Cummins and Mercedes engines. We now proudly offer engines readily available on the shelf, minimising downtime for your fleet.

Why Work with Us?

With a commitment to rapid turnaround and work of the highest quality, we back all our reconditioned engines with a one-year warranty. As proud members of the Federation of Engine Remanufacturers, we uphold the industry's standards of excellence through rigorous monitoring and inspection to ensure we continue to provide the best services.

Our cutting-edge machine shop boasts advanced equipment and skilled technicians, guaranteeing precision and rapid turnaround for a wide range of engine components. Committed to excellence, we maintain industry standards and continuously invest in the latest technology, workshop facilities, and staff training to minimise clients' downtime and deliver exceptional results. 

Recent additions include our state-of-the-art Rottler F10A boring machine and TEXA diagnostics technology.

At Foxwood Diesel, quality and reliability are our hallmarks. We are your trusted partner for diesel engine solutions, and we invite you to explore our extensive inventory of diesel engine spares and range of diesel engine services. If you don’t see what you are looking for or would like help and advice, please contact our expert team on 01246 260199 or email us at [email protected]

Welcome to a legacy of excellence; welcome to Foxwood Diesel.