A Brief Guide to Diesel Engine Air Compressors and Reconditioning

A Brief Guide to Diesel Engine Air Compressors and Reconditioning

Air compressors are not just limited to diesel engines or vehicles for that matter. Different industries including construction, marine, and electrical, all use air compressors explaining why there are some many different types of compressors out there. In this post, we will briefly discuss the different types of air compressors and how they are categorised, with particular emphasis on the diesel engine air compressors, as well as reconditioned compressors.

Types of compressor & categorisation

The two main air compressor categories are split into two: positive displacement and dynamic. Under these umbrella categories fall many other categorised forms of air compressor, which have been characterised based on these aspects:

  1. Whether the air compressor is single-stage, 2-stage, or multi-stage.
  2. The cooling method is taken into consideration and if it is cooled, water-cooled,  or oil-cooled.
  3. Next is the drive types, or how the air compressor is driven, which can be either engine-driven, motor-driven, turbine-driven as well as many other components.
  4. The air compressors method of lubrication, further categorised into splash lubrication, forced lubrication or oil-free compressors.
  5. Finally, the service pressure and whether it is low, medium, or high, can also determine the air compressors category.

Reciprocating compressors, that fall under the positive displacement umbrella term, are the most commonly used compressors. These are either diesel engine driven air compressors, or directly driven by electric motors.

Signs a diesel engine air compressor needs reconditioning

There are many ways to check whether an air compressor needs reconditioning, here a few examples below:

  1. Simple routine checks can give a clear indication as to whether a diesel engine air compressor needs reconditioning. Be sure to keep an eye on fluids and check for vibration within element bearings.
  2. When metal fragments become contaminated with oil, it’s time to get things checked out.
  3. Signs of the cooler failing, shown through internal compressor temperatures increasing, also points towards failure.

If you would like to know more about common diesel engine problems and how to identify them, then please read our previous post. Or, contact us for advice on any issues you may be experiencing.

A reconditioned air compressor will have your vehicle feeling as good as new. For the reconditioned air compressor to be used once again, there are a few measurements that will be taken to ensure that the air compressor is fit for re-use. For example, it is a requirement for new equipment specifications to be met and performance measured via various parts, such as that of the air cooler performance.

If you are currently experiencing any diesel engine-related issues and feel parts may need reconditioning, then please get in touch. Let us know your engine number so our team of experts can assist you.

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