Engine Machining Centre

The whole purpose of our Engine machining workshop is to meet the needs of you and your workshop. That means ensuring  our customers get the services they need from our machining centre, at the time you want them, and at a price and speed of turnaround that keeps you competitive and your customers happy.

Our workshop and its expert team has been re-conditioning engine components and machining parts , as well as supplying reconditioned and used engines for local garages, bus and coach companies (even the MOD), since 1988. This means we have a wealth of experience and we have invested in all the facilities necessary to provide a high quality, speedy service.

We have the machinery and equipment to carry out a large number of engine machining jobs at our workshop, these include Crankshaft Grinding, Reboring, Cylinder head conditioning and a lot more. If you need specialty jobs completed we will strive to find a way to complete them for you so please contact us on 01246 260199.

Our prices vary with each situation. At our Engine Machining Centre we appreciate our customers needs differ and engines and their components vary hugely as well. For this reason we like to judge cost on the size of the jobs and the needs of our customers, we don’t want to charge you for something you don’t need doing!

Think of us as a valued partner to your garage business, increasing the range of jobs you can take on, solving problems quickly and expertly, improving your margins, and helping to ensure that your customers stay loyal to you.

To find out more about Foxwood Diesel’s services, please get n touch with a member of our team, by calling 01246 260199.