Crankshaft and Camshafts

At Foxwood Diesel, we have years of experience delivering crankshaft repair. Our specialist mechanics have the extensive industry knowledge and are happy to

answer any technical questions you may have about our reconditioning or rebuilding processes.

Camshaft vs Crankshaft Repair 

As well as crankshaft repair, we also run a camshaft repair service. During both types

of repair service we use only the best, high-quality parts, so you can rest

assured your engine will be in top working order. 

  •  Regrinding crankshafts
  •  Seal flange restoration
  •  Crack detection on all crankshafts

One of the most common signs of a damaged crankshaft is the engine overheating, you can find out more about the most common diesel engine problems and solutions over on our blog. We also share expert tips on the best ways to keep your diesel engine in the best condition possible to help you avoid having to schedule regular repairs. 

Please contact our experts for more information on our camshaft and crankshaft repair service by calling us on 01246 260199. If you require repairs or reconditioning but can not see the part or service listed on our website, please contact us as we always try to deliver specialist and bespoke reconditioning and repairs where possible.