Diesel Engine Consumables

Diesel Engine Consumables, such as liquids and oils for your engine.

Foxwood Diesel stock a range of consumables compatible with diesel engines for various purposes.

it's highly suggested to keep diesel engines clean, conditioned, flushed and treated correctly. Not only does this keep it running properly, but it can help to extend the lifespan of the engine.

It can be hard to know what the correct consumable is to use on your engine, so we stock a wide range that can be used to keep your engine operating properly. 

If you are having any trouble or need some expert advice, speak to our team and see what Diesel Engine Consumables are right for you - contact us on 01246 260199 for more information.

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Forte Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment 400ML


Forte Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment has been specifically formulated for all diesel engines. This can reduce noxious exhaust emissions, improves engine performance, driveability and cold starting, and can prevent fuel system corrosion.It can lubricate and extend the life of the injectors and the fuel pump, controls the fuel oxidation and ..

Forte Bio Degreaser 400ML


Forte Bio DegreaserRemoves oil, sludge, scale and rust deposits.Restores heat transfer efficiency and prevents heat relates engine failures.Compatible with all cooling systems, cooling fluids and antifreezes including ethylene glycol and O.A.T.Available to order online or call our Foxwood team on 01246 260199 ..

Forte Cooling System Conditioner


Forte Cooling system conditioner. Instructions for use of Forte Cooling system conditioner on the bottle. This Forte cooling system conditioner should be only as used as directed on the bottle for preventative maintenance on the vehicle. This prevents scale formation and corrosion in the cooling system. It also prevents electrolytic corrosion a..

Ironite all weather seal


Ironite all weather seal. This is the ultimate fix for head and intake gasket leaks. This also seals cracks in the cylinder head and block, prevents anti freeze seepage, through gaskets and hoses and can also lubricate the water pump seals. This all weather seal just needs adding directly into the radiator. Please follow the Instructio..

Forte Advanced Formula Gas Treatment 400ML


Forte Advanced Formula Gas TreatmentSpecifically formulated for all petrol engines. Reduces noxious exhaust emissions. Prevents fuel system corrosion. Provides injector and upper cylinder lubrication. Frees sticking compression rings. Improves engine performance and driveability. Maintains oxygen sensor and EGR valve clean..

Forte Diesel Specialist Injector Cleaner 400ML


Forte Diesel Specialist Injector CleanerSpecially formulated for all diesel engines including common rail / high pressure systems, E.G HDI, TDCI, JTD. Provides rapid cleaning of the fuel injectors. Removes internal diesel injector deposits. Improves fuel economy and restores engine performance and response.Improves cold starti..

Forte Diesel Turbo Clean 400ML


Forte Diesel Turbo cleanSpecifically formulated for cars with variable geometry turbos.Cleans sticking variable geometry turbos without dismantling.Compatible with all diesel engines, for diesel and bio diesel up-to b30 , reduces soot. Available to order online or call our team here at Foxwood on 01246 260199..

Forte DPF Cleaner and Regenerator 400ML


Forte Diesel Particulate Filter and Cleaner and Regenerator. Specifically formulated for cars with diesel particulate filters.Actively reduces soot emissions.Improves stability of diesel particulate filter systems.Compatible with all diesel engines,For diesel and bio diesel up to B30 Available to order online or call our team at Foxwood o..

Forte Oil Fortifier 400ML


Forte Oil FortifierReduces oil consumption and exhaust smoking.High surface action prevents wear and extends engine life.Controls oxidation and neutralises acids.Restores cylinder compression.Reduces friction.Restores engine performance.Available to order online or call our team at Foxwood on 01246 260199..

Forte Oil System Protector 400ML


Forte Oil System Protector  Optimises engine oil performance. Maintains oil stability during extended service intervals. Reduces lacquer and varnish formation. Prevents oil burning. Reduced valve train wear. Prevents and eliminate noisy hydraulic value lifters. Prevent and free off sticking variable valve timing systems. ..

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Forte Radiator Stop Leak 400ML


Forte Radiator Stop LeakPrevents leakage of coolant from hairline cracks and pinholes.Effects emergency repairs to cooling system and enables extended trips to be completed.lubricates water pump impeller shaft.Compatible with all coolant fluids and antifreezes including ethylene glcol O.A.T antifreezes.  Available to..

Forte Stop Leak & Cooling System Conditioner 400ML


Forte Stop Leak & Cooling System ConditionerEffects emergency cooling system repairs to prevent loss of coolant and enables extended trips to be completed. Removes oxygen from the cooling system to prevent limescale and corrosion build up.Available to order online or call our team here at Foxwood on 01246 260199..

Forte Top End Treatment 400ml


Forte Top End TreatmentReduces oil consumption and valve train wear.Prevents sticking valves and sluggish hydraulic valve lifters.Reduces  gum and varnish formationImproves overall engine performance.Available to order online or call our team here at Foxwood on 01246 260199..

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