Diesel Engine Consumables

Diesel Engine Consumables, such as liquids and oils for your engine

Foxwood Diesel stock a range of consumables compatible with diesel engines for various purposes.

It's highly suggested to keep diesel engines clean, conditioned, flushed and treated correctly. Not only does this keep it running properly, but it can help to extend the lifespan of the engine.

It can be hard to know what the correct consumable is to use on your engine, so we stock a wide range that can be used to keep your engine operating properly. 

If you are having any trouble or need some expert advice, speak to our team and see what Diesel Engine Consumables are right for you - contact us on 01246 260199 for more information.

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Ironite all weather seal

Ironite all weather seal This is the ultimate fix for head and intake gasket leaks. This also seals cracks in the cylinder head and block, prevents anti freeze seepage, through gaskets and hoses and can also lubricate the water pump seals. This all weather seal just needs adding directly into the radiator. Please follow the Instruction..

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