Forte Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment 400ML

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Forte Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment has been specifically formulated for all diesel engines.

  • This can reduce noxious exhaust emissions, improves engine performance, driveability and cold starting, and can prevent fuel system corrosion.
  • It can lubricate and extend the life of the injectors and the fuel pump, controls the fuel oxidation and gum, varnish and acid formation.
  • Reduces the valve, combustion chamber, EGR valve and the variable vane turbo deposits, and also restores the Injector spray pattern.
  • Is also compatible with Catalytic Converters and Particulate filters.
  • Is compatible with all Diesel fuels including Bio-Fuel up to B30, and also does not raise the cetane Rating.

  • Available to order online or call our team at Foxwood on 01246 260199

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