Line Boring and Honing

At Foxwood Diesel, we have become specialists in boring and honing Cylinder Blocks.

The picture above shows the machine that we use for line boring and honing. The idea behind the method is to shave the metal off the inside of the bores so we are ultimately able to resize the bore to the required dimensions. With our technique, we are able to give a clean finish to the desired engine part.

The reason we line bore engine blocks is to restore them to their full working standard. Line boring and honing is done in our Foxwood Diesel workshop by our specialists who are able to hone the block to accept either a standard-sized or oversized bearing.

We can bore blocks of any size up to 2540mm / 100 Inches! Line boring on a small engine block line boring and honing on a large engine block

If you have any questions regarding our services then please don’t hesitate to call us on 01246 260199.