B Series

Reconditioned Cummins B Series Engine

Since the initial production of the Cummins B Series engine in 1984, it has cemented its reputation as one of the greatest diesel engines ever made. Three generations of the B Series engine has been produced by American manufacturer Cummins offering both inline-four and inline-six configurations. The Cummins B Series engine family is intended for multiple applications including marine, construction, pickup truck, buses and military equipment. The original B Series was later updated with 24 valves and an electronic engine management system to become the ISB in 1998.

Cummins B Series Engine Remanufacturing Process

Here at Foxwood Diesel we have an expert team that can diagnose your engine problems, supply high quality Cummins B Series parts and remanufacture your engine from our engine machining centre within a matter of days so that you can keep your customers happy. 

The remanufacturing process includes: 

  • • Crankshaft regrinding
  • • Connecting rod re-bushing and re-sizing
  • • Cylinder block boring or honing
  • • Cylinder head pressure test and refacing
  • • Replacement valve guides and valve seats
  • • New core plugs fitted
  • • Cleaned and assembled with new stem seals
  • • Remanufactured turbos, pistons, fuel systems and injectors 

All our engines are rebuilt to an exceptional standard, with a fresh layer of paint and a certificate of successful engine testing. We also supply long and short motors for an even quicker turnaround and engine testing on full engine builds so that we can guarantee that your engine will be running for many years to come! 

All Cummins B engine builds come with a 1 year guarantee so that you can focus on what matters most...getting the job done! Whether you are a bus plant with people relying on you to get to work, or a truck service who needs a reliable machine to take on heavy duty tasks, this remanufactured engine is for you. Please contact us should you have any questions or queries about the Cummins B Series engine.

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Cummins B Series Remanufactured Engine

Cummins B Series Remanufactured EngineOur remanufactured Cummins engines comes with brand new piston kits, bearings, gasket kits and seals. Also included is a new oil filter, fitting gaskets and fitting instructions, and a warranty booklet. All Cummins engines are tested and painted and are provided with a one year warranty.Dennis Dart Bus..

Cummins B Series Short Motor

Cummins B Series Short MotorCummins Reconditioned Short motors now held in stock by Foxwood Diesel.This B Series Short Motor comes with reconditioned Cylinder Block, Crankshaft and Connecting rod. Also supplied are new pistons an oil pump and water pump. Foxwood Diesel will assemble the short motor to your requirements.  Please C..

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