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Cummins C Series Engine 

Much like the B-Series, C-Series engines are a popular model and have established an unbeaten reputation for reliability. The Cummins C Series diesel engine sits at an impressive 8.3 litres with a six-cylinder envelope that delivers greater power at standby, prime and base.

With reduced maintenance costs and enhanced performance, the Cummins C Series engine has no problem providing power to the most demanding applications such as generators, excavators, buses, medium duty trucks, forklifts and heavy equipment. 

Cummins C Series Engine Remanufacturing Process

Foxwood Diesel has been remanufacturing Cummins C Series engines for as long as our doors have been open. 

With over 30 years of experience our team can diagnose your engine problems and get it back up and running within a matter of days. As we have our own in-house machining centre we can restore your worn parts so they are as good as new. 

The remanufacturing process includes: 

  • •  Crankshaft regrinding
  • •  Connecting rod re-bushing and re-sizing
  • •  Cylinder block boring or honing
  • •  Cylinder head pressure test and refacing
  • •  Replacement valve guides and valve seats
  • •  New core plugs fitted
  • •  Cleaned and assembled with new stem seals
  • •  Remanufactured turbos, pistons, fuel systems and injectors

All our engines are rebuilt to an exceptional standard, with a fresh layer of paint and a certificate of successful engine testing. We also supply long and short motors for an even quicker turnaround and engine testing on full engine builds so that we can guarantee that your engine will be running for many years to come! All Cummins C Series engine builds come with a 1 year guarantee.

Please contact us should you have any questions or queries about the Cummins C Series engine.

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