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Remanufactured Mercedes Benz OM926 Crankshaft Standard Size

Remanufactured Mercedes Benz OM926 Standard CrankshaftRemanufactured at Foxwood Diesel. Actual Size of the Crankshaft Mains: STDBig Ends: STDHere at Foxwood Diesel we can regrind crankshafts, check for straightness, check detect and provide seal flange restoration. If you require any of these services please call us on 01246 260199...

Remanufactured Mercedes OM 904 Crankshaft - 9040301002

Remanufactured Mercedes Benz OM904 Standard CrankshaftRemanufactured at Foxwood Diesel. Part Number 9040301002 Measurements below:Gear Flange 103mm Actual Size of the Crankshaft Mains: STDBig Ends: STD Our Machine shop provides high quality reconditioned crankshafts, they are put through extensive checks to ensure they meet ..

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