Reconditioned Compressors

Foxwood Diesel have a selection of surplus Reconditioned Compressors! 

This range of Compressors have all been reconditioned in the Foxwood Diesel workshop to the highest quality by our fantastic mechanics. These Reconditioned compressors will work like they were brand new and the lifespan of them can even be extended through our methods. If you have any questions at all please contact us on 01246 260199 and our experts will help you with specifications and suitability to your vehicle! 

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4936049 Cummins ISB Air Compressor


Cummins ISB Air Compressor. Part Number 4936049. Has superseded part number 3957728. Suitable for engines with both 4 and 6 cylinders and is part of the Cummins B Series Engine Family. Compressor max speed RPM - 3000 RPM Exchange is prefered for the compressor...

Air Compressor - 3282857


An Air Compressor, Single Cylinder 250cc Water Cooled Compressor, with the part number 3282857. Has these part numbers on the dataplate: 1189440 3558002 K51582For more information please call 01246 260199...

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Cummins Air Compressor 3411777


Reconditioned Cummins Air Compressor Service Exchange:341177740712255257958What is an air compressor and how does it work? Any vehicle's air conditioning system is driven by an air compressor, as it is responsible for delivering and circulating the pressurised refrigerant vapour. Once an air compressor is damaged, it's normally easie..

Cummins B Series Air Compressor - 3282190


Cummins B Series Compressor- 3282190This Cummins B series compressor has been remanufactured to the highest standards at Foxwood Diesel. It can be fitted to various Cummins B Series engines.Make: BendixNumber of cylinders: 1Maximum compressor speed: 3000 RPM.Needs to be Turbocharged.Please Call to check for Price and availability. Please Suppl..

Cummins B Series Air Compressor - 3283968RX


Cummins B Series Air Compressor- 3283968RX  This Cummins B Series 1 cylinder compressor has been remanufactured to the highest standards at Foxwood Diesel. Superseded numbers include; 3279412RXMaximum compression speed 3000RPM> Please call to check for price and availability. Please Supply Engine Number before Ordering. Thi..

Cummins Single Cylinder Compressor 4898367


Cummins Single Cylinder Compressor 4898367DAF LF 45/55ExchangeFor more information please call 01246 260199 Why not browse our wide range of cummins parts delivered to your door...

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