When a repair or reconditioning simply isn't going to be a cost-effective option, Foxwood still won't let you or your customer down with replacement engines!

Through our partnership with industry leaders Ivor Searle, we can supply very high quality reconditioned or high-quality second-hand engines, gearboxes, cylinder heads, turbochargers and fuel injection pumps for vehicles from all the major manufacturers.

Ivor Searle is the largest re-manufacturer of engines and associated components in the UK. All their products are machined to the highest BS AU 257.2002 code of practice and come with a 12 months parts and labour unlimited mileage guarantee (6 months for used engines).

Ivor Serle's Cambridgeshire plant is a state-of-the-art remanufacturing facility offering superb quality and speed of turnaround – a valued partner to ourselves and to your business.

  • Reconditioned Engines
  • Second Hand Engines
  • New, Replacement Cylinder Heads
  • Reconditioned Cylinder Heads, Turbos, Fuel Injection Pumps and Gearboxes