Workshop and On Site Services

Most of our work is carried out within our modern workshops, and we are able to collect and deliver components at very modest charges.

We are very proud of our workshops and the hard work that goes on inside them. You can have a look round yourself, from the comfort of your own home! Take a trip to our Unit 17 workshop or Unit 20 workshop!

Some services, such as re-threading sump plugs and spark plug bores, or dealing with broken studs and bolts, can also be offered on-site at your premises. Simply call us, and we'll quickly work

out the best way to help you.

Cylinder Head

  • Valve Re-Conditioning               
  • Seat Cutting
  • Seat Replacement
  • Unleaded Seats
  • Valve Guide Fitting
  • Valve Guide Sleeving
  • Valve Guide Re-Sizing
  • Overhead Cam Shimming
  • Face Surfacing
  • Spark Plug Thread
  • Restoration
  • Pressure Testing
  • Pre-Combustion Chamber
  • Fitting
  • Injector Tube Fitting
  • Core Plug Fitting


  • Re-Grinding
  • Crack Detecting
  • Flywheel
  • Fast, Economic Re-Surfacing
  • Plunge Grinding
  • Hard Spots Ground Out
  • Con Rod
  • Small End Bush (Fitting)
  • Big End Re-Sizing (If Possible)
  • Alignment (Twist and Bend)


  • Broken Stud Removal
  • Bearings Pressed In and Out
  • Brake Disc Drum Skimming
  • Thread Restoration & Repair


  • Re-Boring
  • Wet and Dry Liner Fitting
  • Recess Cutting and
  • Restoration
  • Repair Liner Fitting
  • Line boring and Honing of Main Bearing Housing
  • Thread Restoration
  • Cam Bearing Fitting
  • Block Face Surfacing
  • Pressure Testing
  • Piston Fitting
  • Core Plug Fitting
  • Piston Topping and Pocketing