When Should You Consider Reconditioned Engines and Parts?

Since 1988, we have been supplying reconditioned engines and parts with affordable reconditioned engines prices in mind. At Foxwood Diesel, we want to ensure you and your fleet runs at full capacity, saving your business both time and money.  

Here, we explore what reconditioned engines and parts are, when you should start using them, the benefits of reconditioned engines and what to expect from engine reconditioning costs. 

What are Reconditioned Engines and Parts?

Reconditioned engines and reconditioned parts have been given a new lease of life to be as good as new. Typically, this process involves an engine or engine part being dismantled in our workshop. Our expert mechanics then determine the problem and resolve any faults with a replacement piece or component. The reconditioned diesel engine or engine part will then be reassembled followed by a thorough clean. Reconditioned engines and reconditioned parts ensure that your bus, truck, or commercial diesel vehicle is back to running smoothly in no time.   

When Should You Consider Reconditioned Engines and Parts?

Compared to buying a replacement component brand new, reconditioned engines and engine parts are perfect if:

1. You are sticking to a budget

A brand new engine or part replacement can be very expensive, which may be out of your budget. If you need an expensive repair, and a new engine is too much, it's time to look at affordable engine reconditioning costs. Reconditioned engines and parts are key if you're looking to repair your fleet or car cost-effectively. 

2. You purchased a project

If you have purchased a 'doer-upper', a reconditioned engine or reconditioned engine parts allows you to get the best possible component at a competitive price. This ensures your project can be more budget-friendly, rather than purchasing a brand new engine or part. 

3. You're experiencing chronic engine problems

If you are experiencing chronic engine problems, you should seek to fix these issues as soon as possible; especially if you're having consistent issues with pistons, gaskets, cylinder heads or bearings. A reconditioned engine or reconditioned part will be the most efficient answer to your problem.  

4. Your engine block is damaged, or your parts are worn

Over time, your parts may become worn due to general wear and tear. Or, in the colder months, your engine block may become cracked or damaged from the harsh weather. Our fantastic mechanics work hard to solve any issues you experience. 

5. You need to avoid downtime

A reconditioned engine or engine part allows you to avoid downtime. We understand and keep in mind that minimising downtime is important to ensure you or your fleet stays efficient and runs smoothly. 

6. You value warranty

When an engine or engine parts are reconditioned, time and care have been spent to ensure that these components are now in the best working condition possible. With the majority of reconditioned engines and parts, they come with a warranty to put your mind at ease and save you any further unexpected costs. 

7. You want to improve the resale value of your equipment

If you're in the situation where you want to resell your vehicle, you will be able to charge a higher price if the vehicle has a fully working engine and all engine parts are in great condition. Purchasing a reconditioned engine or engine parts will give you a return on investment in the long term. 

So, is it Worth Getting a Reconditioned Engine?

If you're after value for money, with the reassurance that the reconditioned engine or reconditioned parts will last you for the following year, the answer is yes! Reconditioned engine and reconditioned part specialists, like Foxwood Diesel, supply various brands such as CumminsMercedes, Volvo and more. Often, our reconditioned engines come with brand new seals, pistons and gaskets. 

What are the Benefits of Reconditioned Engines and Parts?

Whether you're after reconditioned compressors, cylinder heads, crankshafts, fuel pumps or pistons, our reconditioned engines and parts are expertly refurbished. To summarise, the main benefits of reconditioned engines and parts are:

1. All reconditioned diesel engines purchased from Foxwood Diesel come with a 12-month guarantee, giving you peace of mind for the following year. 

2. Foxwood Diesel is a Federation of Engine Remanufacturers (FER) member, meaning all of our reconditioned engine or engine parts follow the highest FER standards.

3. You can guarantee that our expert mechanics have taken time and care to ensure the reconditioned engine or engine parts are practically brand new. 

4. Foxwood Diesel offers a range of genuine branded parts, with budget-friendly reconditioned engines prices in mind. 

How Much Does Engine Reconditioning Cost?

Each reconditioned engine or reconditioned part has had varying levels of work done to it by our specialists depending on the issue at hand. Therefore, to put it simply, there's no set figure that we can tell you upfront for the prices of reconditioned engines. This is due to the expertise that goes into solving each problem. After we have inspected the level of reconditioning needed at our engine machining centre, we can discuss a competitive price, keeping our customers' needs in mind.

With over 70 years of experience, our team of dedicated specialists are here to ensure your vehicle or fleet gets the best-reconditioned engine or parts possible. From our engine machining workshop, we put your needs first, with competitive reconditioned engines prices. To discuss any of our reconditioned engines and parts with one of our experts, please don't hesitate to contact us today.